Back Pillow For Bed Wedge Cushion Bolster Corduroy Purple


  • Excellent Back & Neck Support: Provides maximum comfort for reading and watching TV in bed.
  • Decorative Headboard Alternative: Popular with college students as an attractive and functional headboard replacement.
  • Multi-Purpose Design: Fits daybeds, bunk beds, couches, and more. King size works well as a couch backrest.
  • Removable Washable Cover: Button attachments allow the cover to be easily removed and machine washed.
  • High Density Support: Stuffed with polyurethane filler to provide excellent back support. Attractive fabric matches any decor.
  • Fabric: Corduroy (100% Polyester).
  • Size: 45cm (45*20*50cm | 0 buttons), 60cm (60*20*50cm | 0 buttons), 80cm (80*20*50cm | 2 buttons), 100cm (100*20*50cm | 3 buttons), 120cm (120*20*50cm | 4 buttons), 140cm (140*20*50cm | 4 buttons), 160cm (160*20*50cm | 5 buttons), 180cm (180*20*50cm | 6 buttons), 200cm (200*20*50cm | 7 buttons).
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